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Marilyn Monroe
Urethane on Steel
Fire face
Urethane on masonite

At Identity Crisis Design we strive to be your #1 high quality custom paint service. Since "custom" is the root word for "customer" we realize that each project is personal. That's why we start by paying attention to the most important details-yours. After our many years of working in the custom paint industry, We believe our advantage comes not with our choice of materials or equipment, but rather by listening to your ideas and understanding how you want to express yourself through your paint.

Many times, knowing only that you want the coolest paint job is as far as some people get. Deciding what to get is or how to express it is another matter. At Identity Crisis Design we can take that vague an idea and bring it into focus. Contact us for a free consultation.

Don't be fooled by one-dimensional custom paint outfits that tout special products, tools or standard designs. True artists and craftsmen rely on talent, experience, respect and honesty. Your finished work should have depth, detail and meaning. Don't settle for someone else's idea over your own.

Signing your art may mean the work is done, but only a customer's smile means the piece is truly finished.

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Airbrush is an art that carries a mystique like no other artistic process. When seen first hand, it's fast paced nature only adds to the entertainment factor. Color seems to magically appear before your eyes and so fast it leaves you wondering weather it's the artist or the airbrush that makes the miracle happen.

Dave Webster has been making that magic happen since 1992. From the midway of Cedar Point Amusement Park to every major mall in the Pittsburgh area and

Troy Polamalu
Acrylic on Cotton

all the way down to Key West, FL.

T-shirts, Walls, Ceilings, Bikes, Boats, Cars, Cakes and even People. It's all been painted at one time or another. Today we concentrate on automotive art for the investment, challenge and longevity of the finished product.

When automotive airbrush is applied, the surface must be properly prepared. Depending on the state of the metal, whether it's bare, primed or still has a factory finish, specific steps must be taken to ensure proper adhesion. Furthermore, after the artwork is done, the project MUST be clear coated with a 2K urethane clear. It is then sanded and buffed to a high gloss. All airbrush work done with urethane paints MUST go through this process. You can see some of that process here.

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Pinstriping is often referred to as a lost art. I tend to think it's always been rare. Like airbrush, it takes years of practice to get it just right. We started in 2004 and it's been a love affair with all things hand painted ever since.

On it's own, a "Von Dutch" or "dagger" design on a car or bike is enough to cause double-takes at any car cruise or bike night. Add an illustration or gold leaf with some lettering and really make a statement.

Protective urethane clear over striping enamels or striping urethane is not necessary. While many custom jobs(and my own panels)do get cleared cleared, it is not necessary for those on location jobs like at a car cruise or house call.

The material used for striping and lettering is actually sign paint and therefore engineered for outdoor use. They hold up to the elements and washing very well. Another advantage is that if something should happen such as a rock chip or buffer mishap, the color is easily replaced as there is no clear coat to contend with.

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A good foundation is the key to a long lasting custom paint job. When your parts are first prepared to accept paint, be rest assured that 30 years of auto body experience is behind every step.

Having properly prepared sheet metal is only the beginning. Through Higgins Auto Body your car, bike or truck can be made to look as if "it never happened" while helping you save deductible fees. With a turn around time that will have you back in your ride before you know it and the option of a full detail, you'll think you've gone back in time to day you bought it.

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Accidents happen. Sometimes they happen in the worst place ever. Right on top of your custom paint or pinstripe job. Identity Crisis Design is a trusted name in direct repair body shops all over western PA. Insurance adjusters and shop managers alike know that if hand painted stripes need to be replaced as if nothing happened, that fix is only a phone call away. Weather that work was done by Identity Crisis Design or another artist, be rest assured, that art can be fixed.

Gas damage fix from another artist the customer could not find or was out of state.

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Gas damage is something that only the most experienced custom painters understand. The custom tank with reoccurring gas damage is a common scenario fabled in story and song. We understand the nature of how and why gas damage occurs and re-occurs and can therefore put a stop to it. Give us a call and set up an appointment to have that issue fixed once and for all.

Tins Trader

The concept is quite simple. You want a paint job but it's the middle of summer and you'd rather be riding. Maybe you just don't feel like taking the tins off right now or you've had little to no luck when it come to shipping anything (Murphy's Law). Whatever your reason is no reason at all to not take advantage of our Tins Trader program.

Let us know the year, make and model of your bike via our Quotes page. Once you commit with a deposit for a paint job that INCLUDES THE COST OF THE METAL, the hunt is on and we find the parts to fit your bike, prep, paint, customize and clear them sending you progress photos all the way. After the job is done and balances are paid we send you your new parts. Once received, re-pack your parts, send them back and we will issue a REFUND for the cost of the parts.

Same awesome job with none of the downtime.

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Dave Nervo's 1936 Chevy Outlaw
with Steele Kustoms
Rat Dropping
Enamel on toilet lid

HHR Hood
Enamel and 24k Gold on finished paint
Enamel and Urethane on Aluminum