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I'll take some time here to wax philosophical on why it's hard to standardize this custom paint thing.

How do you know what to charge for a custom paint job?
There are a lot of factors that go into this decision and for twenty years the answer has been as unique as a fingerprint. Every estimate is as different as each customer, their needs and budget. Even "standard" designs like real fire or flames has some element of uniqueness to it.

The Project
The Parts
The Person
The Purse
Parts may be brand
new or in perfect
shape. Some may be in need of repair, if they can't be purchased new. Is your project a car or a bike? It might just a be a panel of metal or a mailbox. The repairability or availability of parts affect the price as well. What can't be bought for a price has to be reconditioned for a price.
What's the driving force behind the project? Is it a memorial portrait of a friend or family member? Perhaps it's a complicated tape, candy and gold leaf lowrider design. It might only be a change in color with minimal or no graphics at all. The more time consuming a job is, the more expesive it becomes. Sometimes there are inexpensive ways to design and exectue a paint job while acheiveing the same effect. If cost is an issue, certain adjustments can be made concerning materials, the complicated nature of a given project or the size and scope. For example, not every piece of a motorcycle has to get painted at once. Work can be completed in stages.

Some art is more complicated than others. When a a customer asks how much to paint a face, I explain that it can be as simple as a cartoon or detailed but non specific like a dog (one german sheppard looks generally like the rest) or super specific like a person with a unique face that looks like nobody else. Even twins (and I speak from experience) have subtle differences that must be adhered to or the customer will notice and may be less than impressed. Is there a background involved or not? Does the image have to include limbs, lacy frilly outfits and look like a specific person?



now your talkin'


Do you only do the whole paint or only the art and graphics?
It depends on your specific needs. We can paint the entire project using our 8 step process or only add art to your current car or motorcycle finish.